TUI encourages colleagues and customers to use the Scan & Go bottle to make a positive impact on the environment and its communities.



A sustainable way of working

Every year, tens of thousands of people travel with TUI to Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao to enjoy a holiday, to visit family and/or friends or for business purposes. As this creates wonderful memories for our customers, we also realize that traveling has an impact on the environment. In recent years we have therefore taken major steps and invested intensely in sustainability. At the same time, there is still so much more to do. The decisions we make today affect the world of tomorrow. For that reason, we gladly take our responsibility to minimize the impact of our business operations on the environment. We are happy to share a few examples.


Modern headquarters on Curaçao

In November 2021, TUI opened its state-of-the-art headquarters in Curaçao, taking sustainability on Curacao to the next level with initiatives such as:

  • The 168 solar panels on the roof that generate on average about 90% of the required energy

  • Through the design of the building, the insulation and the advanced air/cooling system, we save about 30%-50% on energy costs (about 67.7 tons of CO2 emissions per year).

  • In addition, a CO2 sensor monitors the air quality 24/7 and activates the climate system if necessary.

Sustainable office and retail operations

  • We separate our waste at the office and in the retail shops.

  • We limit printing to a minimum and encourage our customers not to print their ticket (or have it printed), but to take it digitally with them on their journey.

  • Some of our tour guides are already driving electric cars.

  • To further encourage electric driving among colleagues, we will soon have a charging station at our HQ.

  • A well balanced air/climate control in the office keeps employees fit and vital and has resulted in an increase in “happiness at work”. There is even a “desk bicycle” in order for colleagues to work on those calories while working.

  • There is a fresh water tap on every floor and in every retail store where colleagues can tap unlimited cold and fresh water.

Modern fleet

Operating the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Boeing 737 MAX, TUI has a modern fleet with quieter and cleaner aircraft. The Boeing 737 MAX is our latest valuable addition to our fleet. This type of aircraft is significantly cleaner, quieter and more economical than its predecessor. The aircraft is 40% quieter and due to the new engine type and the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft, both CO2 emissions and fuel consumption are 14% less.


Collaboration with D-Bottle

In the light of our collaboration with D-Bottle, we focus on the following goals:

  • Protecting life above and below water

  • Encouraging drinking more water for good health

  • Stimulating the local economy

  • Encouraging the use of sustainable energy




Scan & Go D-TAP water bottle


  • Find your nearest Refill station with the QR codes

  • Discover the island with the QR codes (tourist attractions)

  • Hire a 100% electric car with the QR codes

  • Keep informed of 'up to date' island info (with the QR codes)

  • The map on the bottle guides you through Willemstad

  • Explore the best Instagram Spots in Willemstad

  • Your water stays ice cold for up to 24 hrs and hot for up to 12 hrs

  • The best gift or souvenir to bring home 

  • Worldwide refill program

  • We donate 5% to Green Phenix Curaçao 


Order your Scan & Go bottle only for Naf. 35,00 (normal price Naf. 45,00) 

Our bottles keeps your water up to 24 hrs cold and 12 hrs hot. They can be (re)filled with water (for free) at different locations on the island (almost 30 locations all over the island), which can be found with the QR code, like hotels, resorts, restaurants and shops,  think Google maps for water! 



How to order the Scan & Go bottle?

  • Fill in your personal and order details
  • You will receive a confirmation email in the coming days with all further details
  • Pick up your Scan & Go water bottle(s) at TUI HQ Curaçao and pay upon pick up  



Green Phenix Charity Partner 

Green Phenix is ​​a social enterprise that converts plastic waste into new useful products and creates a circular economy in the Caribbean. Their service helps to create new jobs in Curaçao while reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills and the environment. We donate 5% of our revenue to Green Phenix. 

TUI Curaçao Scan & GO order form 

By working together we contribute to 10 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Curaçao