Why Morena partnered with Water Refill Program Curaçao?

As the first certified ECO resort on Curacao (2009) we encountered a lot of struggles in our certification processes, because Curacao was behind on a lot of things. The innovative and so much needed initiatives from as well D-Tap as Green Phenix, make it possible for companies/hotels/resorts to really improve in being sustainable, and they create the awareness on the island which is much needed. Since the start of D-Tap we are selling the D-Bottles to our guests and we are one of the refill stations on the island. The Water Refill Program supports in minimizing the use of single use plastic but also creates island wide awareness, which is being supported by different partners. This collaboration of partners from different branches creates a strong platform, that together with the adaption of the different SDG’s by each partner will have a big impact.


Your support can make a difference!

Although not everything of our green mission is visible, which is actually the key in being a luxurious resort with the aim of being sustainable, we as the employees are a very visible example of our mission, for our guests. We encourage you to participate in collecting your waste separate as much as possible, re-use paper, print as less as possible and encourage our guests in helping us with re-cycling and collecting waste separately.


For example:

Front Desk employees: encourage guests that check-out, to take some empty batteries with them to their country, where they can be recycled correctly.

Reservation/administration/Front Desk: print as less as possible F&B: minimize the use of plastic Facility: don’t use any chemicals, look for biodegradable alternatives


Core values to the program are: 

1. Environmental protection

2. Social development

3. Economic Development


Based on these core values, 10 sustainability objectives have been set up. Morena is going to focus on two of these 10 sustainability goals, namely SDG8 &SDG12


Scan & Go D-TAP water bottle


  • Find your nearest Refill station with the QR codes

  • Discover the island with the QR codes (tourist attractions)

  • Hire a 100% electric car with the QR codes

  • Keep informed of 'up to date' island info (with the QR codes)

  • The map on the bottle guides you through Willemstad

  • Explore the best Instagram Spots in Willemstad

  • Your water stays ice cold for up to 24 hrs and hot for up to 12 hrs

  • The best gift or souvenir to bring home 

  • Worldwide refill program

  • We donate 5% to Green Phenix Curaçao 


Order your Scan & Go bottle only for Naf. 35,00 (normal price Naf. 45,00) 

Our bottles keeps your water up to 24 hrs cold and 12 hrs hot. They can be (re)filled with water (for free) at different locations on the island (almost 30 locations all over the island), which can be found with the QR code, like hotels, resorts, restaurants and shops,  think Google maps for water! 



How to order the Scan & Go bottle?

  • Fill in your personal and order details
  • You will receive a confirmation email in the coming days with all further details
  • Pick up your Scan & Go water bottle(s) at  MORENA and pay upon pick up  



Green Phenix Charity Partner 

Green Phenix is ​​a social enterprise that converts plastic waste into new useful products and creates a circular economy in the Caribbean. Their service helps to create new jobs in Curaçao while reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills and the environment. We donate 5% of our revenue to Green Phenix. 

Morena Scan & GO order form 

By working together we contribute to 10 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Curaçao