The logo that reflects exactly what we stand for. Each symbol from the logo has its own value.

The "D" in our logo represents the Papiamento word "Dushi," which translates to "sweet" in English. For us, the "D" embodies the sweetness of life and the importance of living in harmony with our environment.

PACTO is derived from the word "pact," which represents our commitment to making a positive impact on the world through collective action.


This symbol features an infinity symbol and two hearts, which represent infinity love, unity, and togetherness. It signifies that love knows no boundaries and can transcend time, distance, and any obstacles in its path.


The recycle logo is a visual reminder to practice sustainability, reduce waste, and preserve our planet's natural resources. It encourages responsibility by recycling and reducing single-use products for a better environment.


The symbol represents good health and well-being, emphasizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle for physical and mental happiness, fulfillment, and sustainability.


The heart-shaped icon stands for love. Love for yourself, for each other, for the whole world. Loving and respecting each other is essential for creating a more sustainable future


The world icon represents our shared responsibility to protect and connect with the planet and each other. D-Pacto inspires collaboration towards creating a better and more beautiful world for everyone.