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Who are we?


We are Lara and Yvette. Many years ago we met on the beautiful island Curaçao and we became good friends. While our kids played on the beautiful beaches of Curaçao, we saw an increase of plastic pollution. From that moment on we started looking for a solution for this growing problem.


We both share a passion for enhancing the wellbeing of our planet, the communities we live in and our individual paths. Besides this we also believe that individual action can make a difference, but together we can make an impact. With these believes we started D-Bottle: a beautifully designed, eco-friendly reusable bottle providing you with cold or hot beverages for every occasion and reducing the need for single-use plastic. D-Bottle our first tool in our mission to reduce the use of single use plastic. 


Because we are both mothers too, we also feel a responsibility: "We want to empower the talents of underprivileged children so that they have a change to build a future for themselves". Starting in Curaçao, we want to expand our scope to other countries in the coming years. To empower your talent(s) starts with self-confidence and concentration. Concentration requires food and water. With our donation we let the children feel that we believe in them and give them acces to cold water during their (school) day. Join our mission to create a movement by just this simple step by donating a water bottle.


Let them feel we care.


With love, 

                Yvette Bakker- Kloos 

                      Lara Melkert